Itty Bitty | Christmastime Baby |Clayton, NC Newborn Photographer

Here is a Part II if you will from the Lloyd’s in-home, family, newborn lifestyle session.

If you’re wondering what “lifestyle” is when used in reference to photography; it is generally meaning candid, natural, and unposed.  Capturing life the way it is normally (somewhat).  For me, this is one of my favorites.  I love being able to look back and remember things the way they were in a nursery, or the little flick of hair on top of their head and how it just stuck up.  The fisted hands and puckered lips.

I tried “posed” newborn photography, and while I still arrange or pose a baby somewhat for newborn photos…the backdrops, props, endless outfits and the ridiculous amout of time wasted to try and get a baby to sleep looking like a frog, just wasn’t for me.

I choose to shoot only what I truly enjoy, and believe in doing so helps create those images that not only I love, but you will as well.

With that being said, enjoy part II of the Lloyd familys’ in home, lifestyle and newborn session.


To see part I from this session click here: Llyod’s Part I


Christmas In July | December Baby Boy | Clayton, NC Family, Children and Newborn Photographer

I was inspired today by a photo that my client posted of their baby boy sleeping in a Christmas print sleeper.  And thought that I would piggy back off of his photo by posting some of the photos I captured of their boys at Christmas time.

I personally have a Christmas Eve baby and know the excitement of such a wonderful gift during the most special time of the year.  It wasn’t any different for the Llyods who welcomed a THIRD boy!  It was so much fun to capture the older two enjoying the Christmas spirit and waiting to get their photos taken with their new baby brother.

I’m certain that Christmases at the Lloyds will always be filled with excitement, joy, love and great memories.

If you’d love to have a lifestyle session in your home please message me!  They are one of my favorite types of photography!  True…real…images.



July 25, 2016 - 3:33 pm

Itty Bitty | Christmastime Baby |Clayton, NC Newborn Photographer » Kimberly Dierkhising Photography - […] To see part I from this session click here: Llyod’s Part I […]

Logan Family | Happy Go Lucky | Clayton, NC Family Photographer

Last fall we had the most beautiful weather for a family session that included a “tween”.  Talk about FUN!  The Logan family sure does know how to have a good time, have some laughs, be goofy and truly enjoy life.  Mark had told me it had been YEARS since they had family photos done.  Their little girl was…well…LITTLE!  It is hard to realize how quickly our children grow up.

As I’m sure when looking back at photos it can seem like just yesterday they were babies.  I know that Mark and his family were truly grateful for the images that we were able to capture last fall.  I’m looking forward to being able to continue to capture more moments for more families.  I truly love seeing the joy on my clients’ faces when they tell me how much their photos mean to them.



Taylor Family | Party of 3 |Clayton, NC Natural Family Photographer

Nothing makes me more happy than capturing a family just being themselves.  Parents often get stressed that their little ones will run off, have a temper tantrum, not look at the camera, sit still or say “cheese”.  But, honestly those photos where the child is sitting still, looking at the camera and saying “cheese” are not my favorite.  They’re over posed, forced and just not natural.  You gotta get your running shoes on, make it fun, and just follow closely with your camera ready to “catch” them in their element.  THOSE are my favorite types of photos.

I loved my session last fall with the Taylor family.  We laughed, played, did tickles, climbed trees and got beautiful, natural, sincere smiles and memories on “film”.

I am now taking limited sessions for FALL 2016!  Please message me if you’d like to have a good time capturing some memories with your loved ones!  Whether you are a family, a couple, a couple with fur babies, a high school senior and are looking for a photographer who gets YOU; I’m your gal!



Parsons Family | 3 Boys | Clayton, NC Family Photographer

Catching up from fall 2015!!!

Meet the Parsons family!!  When Janette told me that she had three boys I was excited!  Then she told me they were 1, 10, and 20!  I was wondering how on Earth was I going to do find ways to shoot them all together with the age gap?  It wasn’t hard once I had them in front of the camera. They had the natural brother dynamics.  My hat is off to mom though, I really don’t know how she does it!!

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May 23, 2016 - 12:10 pm

Sue - Love them all! Great shots!