We LOVE the Beach | Raleigh Family and Children’s Photographer

This year I was so very lucky to be spending Mother’s Day at the beach WITH my mom and my girls!  I don’t know if it could’ve been any more perfect!  We had great weather and were able to be out and enjoying it!  We spent quite a bit of time combing the beach for pretty shells and sharks teeth.  A little bit of time in the water (it is still on the chilly side).  Some sandcastle building, kite flying, and a little bit of sunbathing!  I could quite easily live on the beach, it doesn’t matter where!

I decided to snap a few photos of my girls as the boys were left packing up the vehicle. It wasn’t the most ideal time of day for shooting (10am) but some photos are better than no photos.  I’ve learned that it’s ok to shoot in full sun, not use the rule of thirds, ect. I really have a hard time “breaking” the rules, but have started doing it anyways and really glad I am!  I kinda love the results! (At least in these two photos of my girls.)

I’m hoping to spend more time there this year!

Happy start of summer to you all!



Baby Girl Welcomed Home | Raleigh Area Family & Newborn Photographer

I just LOVE seeing families welcome home their newest addition.  This baby girl sure lucked out with having a fabulous mommy and daddy, who already have experience with her older brother!  Sometimes (ok most times) having a newborn will throw you for a loop.  But, you would have never noticed here!  Even with the feedings and diaper changes (which there were lots of), everything was so calm and easy!  How come I don’t remember my youngest being like this?  I feel so privileged to have been able to join them for a morning/afternoon to capture the newest member of their family!



Newborn Princess Violet | Seymour Johnson Newborn Photographer

Words can not describe how excited I was when I saw how A D O R A B L E this little princess was!  A full head of luscious baby locks and bows in EVERY color to accentuate it left me over the moon!  I do have to say though, that her nursery is to die for!  (I wish I had that nursery for my girls!)  But, my most favorite part…just being able to capture it all.


First Holy Communion | Raleigh Area Children’s Photographer

My second grader has been preparing this whole year with faith formation classes to receive her first holy communion.  It is such a joy to see your child grow and learn in their faith.  I couldn’t feel more blessed and proud of her and of the little lady she is becoming.

About 6-7 months before her communion we started a “First Communion” board on Pinterest.  We spent a few nights together looking at dresses online and pinning the favorites.  We were also pinning ideas for the type of veil and accessories as well!

After she chose her dress, we decided to go the non-traditional route and picked out a beautiful fabric flower hair fascinator adorned with pearls and crystals (purchased off Etsy).  Instead of a long veil, we decided to show off the back of her dress and went with a blusher veil made from tule that my mom had purchased.  Two of the “Grandmas” went to work on designing and attaching the blusher veil to the fascinator.  I have to say it was PERFECT! It coordinated with the dress perfectly and it looked stunning on my daughter (of course).

The day of her first communion the weather was less than ideal, chilly and VERY windy (which is really unlike our normal weather).  So, I may be taking some outdoor photos of her in her attire on a separate day.

I can’t wait to do it all again in 4 years when our youngest will receive her first communion.  God bless!





May 31, 2013 - 8:25 am

Crystal Petrucci - You did a very good job with the dress. It really looks perfect for her. Mother knows best after all. Anyway, got to check the internet for dress designs too because my daughter will have her first communion next year.

June 17, 2013 - 2:46 pm

Padre Leon - Pictures a fantastic. Thank you for sharing with us.

A New Family | Raleigh, NC Area Newborn Photographer

From shooting their maternity session to watching them grow + 1 with their baby girl, I loved seeing this family lovingly welcome their new addition.  For new parents it’s just about getting through those first few days of sleepless nights, diapers, spit ups, feedings…but for me it is all about capturing it as it all happens.  Those are the memories that are most cherished.  Without photos I have a terrible memory of things like these.  I wish that I had photos that would’ve captured these moments, but they are far and few between.  They don’t stay little forever…