Cute Couple | Big Duke Dog | Clayton, NC Couple & Pet Photographer

Sure I love shooting families; but shooting families that are made up of a couple and their fur babies are equally enjoyable!  So, when the Fitzpatricks brought Duke along for the photos I was thrilled!  He is massive!  But, in all reality he’s a spoiled baby.  (Aren’t they all?)

I naturally gravitate towards animals.  Ever since I was little I’ve had a pet.  If I could be, I’d be a crazy cat lady.  But, my husband has put the cap on for just the two we have now.

I’d love to get your animals included into your family photos!  Contact me to see what we can do!


P.S.  Keep an eye on my website/blog to see part II of the Fitzpatricks when I got to photograph them in/at their home!

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