Itty Bitty | Christmastime Baby |Clayton, NC Newborn Photographer

Here is a Part II if you will from the Lloyd’s in-home, family, newborn lifestyle session.

If you’re wondering what “lifestyle” is when used in reference to photography; it is generally meaning candid, natural, and unposed.  Capturing life the way it is normally (somewhat).  For me, this is one of my favorites.  I love being able to look back and remember things the way they were in a nursery, or the little flick of hair on top of their head and how it just stuck up.  The fisted hands and puckered lips.

I tried “posed” newborn photography, and while I still arrange or pose a baby somewhat for newborn photos…the backdrops, props, endless outfits and the ridiculous amout of time wasted to try and get a baby to sleep looking like a frog, just wasn’t for me.

I choose to shoot only what I truly enjoy, and believe in doing so helps create those images that not only I love, but you will as well.

With that being said, enjoy part II of the Lloyd familys’ in home, lifestyle and newborn session.


To see part I from this session click here: Llyod’s Part I


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