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Earlier in the week I asked on my Facebook Fan Page  “What is the main reason you haven’t had photos done? Or what is a reason you’re not in photos?”  The majority of the answers were really disheartning. Not being happy with their appearance or not being “photogenic” (I really hate that word).  As well as a few that are the photo takers themselves making it difficult to be included.  Also, a few mentions on price for hiring a professional.

Another friend asked on her personal facebook page, “How do you define perfection?”.  My answer to her question was, “I don’t”.  This got me thinking of how this tied in with my question about having photos done.

There isn’t ever going to be a “perfect” time where we are completely 100% in love with every little last detail about ourselves, and if you are YAY (tell me your secret)!  I like to think instead of perfection that we are evolving, growing, improving and learning.  Constantly.

Now, I understand that you don’t need professional photos done.  That my service isn’t a necessity.  But guess what, it is definitely of value in my book.   Someone might enjoy that new $300 handbag more than having photos done.  Or getting their nails done every other week.  Or splurging on gym clothes (guilty)!  But what is going to happen to those things?  Are your children going to remember that handbag 2 years from now?  Are you going to pull it out in a few years and remember the good memories of you and your family?  Hand it down to your kids so generations to come can see the history and memories?  Probably not.

One thing I encourage you to do whether setting up a time to get professional photos done or not is to be IN the photos!  I don’t care if they are selfies on your cell phone.  And neither will your significant other, children, pets…do what makes you HAPPY!  Be apart of life!  Not excluded from it!  GET IN THE PICTURE!!!

I have read that looking back at old photos can actually boost ones’ mood and make you more happy.

I have to admidt, I have a hard time looking back at some photos from a cruise we took in the Eastern Meditteranean.  At the time, I was the heaviest I had ever been (non pregnant).  I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the way I looked.  I was more than happy to just take photos of my family, architecture, and street life.  But, this was a once in a life time trip.  How could I be certain that I’d return.  I needed proof that I was on vacation too, no matter how I felt about my appearance.  On top of that, my husband, my girls, they all love(d) me for who I am.  They don’t see the extra 10-20lbs.  They see a happy mother and wife on vacation with them.



If you’re the one usually taking the photos hand the camera off to someone else!  Ask them to take a photo of you, you with your kids, your pets, your family, your significant other!  Set a self timer if you have the option!  Take the dreaded selfie for crying out loud!  I don’t care how vain this may sound.  But, you’ll be SO glad you did!  We need more photos of ourselves enjoying life!  Being apart of life!  I want my kids to remember doing stuff with me!  Like decorating Easter eggs, or going for a run, baking…  And of course getting at least a couple of photos where everyone is dressed nicely and looking at the camera!  Of course there are things I don’t like about myself.  There are things that I always want to fix or change, but I’m the only one who sees it.  I need to get over it and be HAPPY with what I am blessed with.  Don’t penalize yourself for not reaching “perfection”, before getting in the photo!




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For those of you who want photos, but think that money is just too tight.  Try to set aside a little every month.  By the end of the year you should have enough to find a decent professional to capture some special moments for you!  It is so worth the investment.  I am yet to have a client who wishes they had spent that money on something else!  I happen to think I’m pretty good at what I do!  I love capturing families and tailoring their session around their personalities and lifestyle!  I’d love to help you GET IN THE PICTURE!


Take Care of Yourself!



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