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I don’t know if it is just me or if school work for elementary school kids has become harder.  The things that they have to know in 3rd grade is kind of dumb founding.  Good thing I’m good at English, spelling, and creative things.  And that my husband is good at math and all things technical.  I’m hoping that will help us get our kids through the school years!

Just this week my daughter handed in her biography project.  She had to choose someone to do a biography on then make a 3d cutout, have authentic characteristics, clothing as well as birthday, place of birth, and 7 events in chronological order.

Since, we lived in the UK I suggested to my daughter Queen Elizabeth I.  She was all for it after I pulled out my huge book “The Tudor Chronicles”.

Her teacher wanted the work to be third grade quality.  I took it as a hint that parents should not intervene too much! Which I didn’t.  So, I helped with some tricky things and let her figure out the rest on her own.  She did really well and was proud of her project.

Of course I documented it in photos. (Proof that I didn’t do it for her!)



October 23, 2013 - 9:33 pm

Sue - Very lovely queen and I love her elegant dress!

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