Back To School!!! | Raleigh Child Photographer

Well that time of year is upon us when parent’s jump for joy and teachers are gearing up for students coming off of summer vacation bad habits! It is hard to believe that the summer has almost come to an end (I’m still hanging on till after Labor Day).  We have been super busy at our house!  Or at least tried to stay busy!  From horseback riding and swimming lessons, to a day at the beach we’ve fit in quite a bit of excitement for our summer!  I’m ready to wind down and get into more of a schedule as I’m sure most parents are!

I decided to finally snag my kiddos and take some back to school photos before it rained…again.  I had been meaning to do it for almost a week, but weather and life had other plans.  So, here they are!  And I am also offering something exciting for those who book a full session with me!  Ready for this?…

BOOK A FULL SESSION and get a BACK TO SCHOOL mini session (pre-k -6th grade) for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do not miss this offer, because I won’t be offering it for too long!  It is perfect timing with needing family photos in the fall (think Christmas), and getting some COOL back to school shots of the kids for no extra charge!  WAY better than the boring school photos!

Message me for more details!

Happy back to school everyone!



Yes, my oldest picked out the Bible on the desk.  She reads it almost every night.  I told her to pick out three books she likes, and I am so proud she had her Bible in the mix. 

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