We LOVE the Beach | Raleigh Family and Children’s Photographer

This year I was so very lucky to be spending Mother’s Day at the beach WITH my mom and my girls!  I don’t know if it could’ve been any more perfect!  We had great weather and were able to be out and enjoying it!  We spent quite a bit of time combing the beach for pretty shells and sharks teeth.  A little bit of time in the water (it is still on the chilly side).  Some sandcastle building, kite flying, and a little bit of sunbathing!  I could quite easily live on the beach, it doesn’t matter where!

I decided to snap a few photos of my girls as the boys were left packing up the vehicle. It wasn’t the most ideal time of day for shooting (10am) but some photos are better than no photos.  I’ve learned that it’s ok to shoot in full sun, not use the rule of thirds, ect. I really have a hard time “breaking” the rules, but have started doing it anyways and really glad I am!  I kinda love the results! (At least in these two photos of my girls.)

I’m hoping to spend more time there this year!

Happy start of summer to you all!



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