Strawberry Pickin’ | Garner, NC Child Photographer

My youngest daughter’s preschool class just enjoyed their Spring field trip to Smith’s Nursery and Produce Farm.  They had fun checking out the chickens, goats, donkey, learning about how bees made honey, and of course picking strawberries!

It was a little cooler than usual, but that didn’t stop my daughter from enjoying picking berries.  She was able to fill it FULL to the top!

Now, the photographer in me wishes that it had been overcast, or earlier in the morning so the lighting would’ve been perfect.  But, hey I did the best I could with the sun being full on top of us.

We have a few of our own strawberry plants that are in terracotta pots that are stacked on a shepherd’s hook. (I’ll have to post a photo of it later, it works perfectly!) Our girls LOVE having plants!  We have two peach trees, two blueberry bushes, a shepherds hook with herbs and strawberries in the pots, as well as a LARGE vegetable garden which we still need to plant this year.

Keep checking in for more personal posts about our gardening!




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